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AllNews - The first and only *TRULY* Multi-Server NNTP (Usenet) newsreader. This freeware version demonstrates revolutionary concepts in processing news posts. Now with SOCKS Proxy support! Decodes yEncoded attachments!

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I am now supporting AllNews under Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. It is written using only the 16-bit APIs and Winsock, so it "should" work under Win2000, Windows XP, Win-OS/2 and Warp.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unless I hear some loud objections soon, this will be the last release of AllNews using the 16-bit Windows API. I might be persuaded to take a stab at Win32s. This means that AllNews will no longer be available for Win3.x, Win32s, and OS2/Warp, among others. If you fall into this category or would like to give me some input on this decision, click here. You must either provide supporting documentation for your claims, or provide an email address for ongoing dialog. I cannot take seriously any anonymous vague claims.

The 1.x versions of AllNews are distributed as freeware. There is no charge for its [continued] use, and no fee may be collected for it other than reasonable costs of duplication and distribution. Any fee you do pay goes to the person you paid; the author does not get any of it.

A word about yEnc.
In case of trouble with yEnc.

Be sure to check out SmartPAR at http://www.disc-chord.com/smartpar/. This handy program can save a lot of time and aggravation with your downloading.

Download AllNews now. What's new in Build Date Mar 16 2002.
Download AllNews for Win3x. This is the last 16-bit version that will be released.

  • Now works with Win95 Autodialers/Connection Monitors
    Download DCD (Win31 only) now. What's new in Build Date Feb 15 1997.
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    AllNews GNKSA Seal AllNews has been awarded the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval 2.0
    Y2K Compliant AllNews is now Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant.

    Read This Before You Write a Newsreader, News Transport System, etc., By Tom Limoncelli
    Why write another newsreader?
    About the author, Mike Read, who put the "Read" in news READers.
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    Glossary of Usenet vernacular
    What is USENet News (NNTP)? Get the FAQs Mar 16 2002
    What is the problem with Usenet? Why is AllNews the answer?

    Partial list of commercial news servers Mar 16 2002
    Partial list of usenet archives and WWW to Usenet gateways Mar 16 2002
    Links to lists of open servers Mar 16 2002
    Search for servers that carry certain groups Mar 16 2002
    Miscellaneous usenet resources Mar 16 2002

    Connecting to the Internet (Win 3.x)

    It all starts with the WinSock stack. I use Trumpet version 2.1F. This Winsock 1.1-compliant protocol stack supports everything I have encountered so far. Most Winsock developers benchmark against it. Not all other drivers can say the same. Version 3.0 is available for Win95. Registration crack available. They also have a newsreader.

    Tuning Modem Performance in Windows 3.1

    Connecting to the Internet (Win 95/98/NT)

    The following discussion and links hold true in Win95. While I have not yet set up a WinNT platform, the following should still be helpful.

    Windows 95 and NT have TCP/IP support built into them. They provide the 32-bit Winsock 2.0 natively, and have a thunking DLL to support the 16-bit 1.1 Winsock. All the Win31 internet applications that did not use DLL-specific calls should run with no problem. While I find the user interface of Dial-Up Networking (DUN) somewhat clumsy, it is quite adequate.

    First, make sure your version of Windows 95 has all of the maintenance applied.

    Tuning Modem Performance in Windows 95/NT

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