List of commercial news servers

Commercial news servers are those that sell subscriptions to their service. The going rate appears to be around $100 (US) per year. Members may use their services for a more complete coverage of the usenet posts. Each has a different set of newsfeeds, and a different set of expiry and downloading limit rules. In theory, any of the posts that apear on one _should_ appear on all other servers. Using one or more of these servers in combination with the other servers available to you gives better and more timely coverage of usenet posts.

This list is not intended to be a complete list of all commercial servers. It is merely a hunting license for those who wish to add more servers to their stable. The presence in this list of any individual server is by no means an endorsement of that service nor is its absence from the list any kind of comment. Contact information for some of these servers have been posted to various newsgroups. Others may be located using the search engines.

If you operate or know of some commercial or public server and would like to have your server listed on or removed from this page, EMail me a note requesting so. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. A free subscription to your service would be gratefully accepted, and will guarantee that our reader is compliant with your server.

The server named "news" is usually provided to you by your dial-up access ISP. As it is probably the fastest server available to you, it should be at the top of your list. "news" often tends to have *many* missing posts. is a good place for discussion about the merits of commercial servers.

Yahoo search for commercial servers.
Open Directory - Computers: Usenet: Feed Services (Altopia) for more info
1usenet dotcom
Newsguy for subscription info
only News!
Airnews for more info
UNCENSORED news server