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"Don't applaud, just throw money!" Contributions are cheerfully accepted. If you make one, I will "consider" any accompanying request. Seriously, though, I am interested in any concepts that push newsreader technology, especially those not present in the popular newsreaders.

I am currently supporting AllNews under Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. It is written using only the 16-bit APIs and Winsock, so it "should" work under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win-OS/2 and Warp. As I cannot test all features on all platforms, I am accepting bug reports and feature requests via this form. I will attempt to correct all reported bugs. I will consider all enhancement requests. Of course, a donation may increase the chances of implementation.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unless I hear some loud objections soon, this will be the last release of AllNews using the 16-bit Windows API. I might be persuaded to take a stab at Win32s. This means that AllNews will no longer be available for Win3.x, Win32s, and OS2/Warp, among others. If you fall into this category or would like to give me some input on this decision, click here.

BE SURE to either provide an email address so that I can request additional information, or provide plenty of support for your argument. I cannot take seriously anonymous arguments that are unsupported.

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