Links to Lists of Open Servers

"Open servers" are those usenet news servers that allow anyone (and perhaps you) to use them to post and retrieve usenet posts. Occasionally, lists of open servers are posted to usenet. Invariably, readers flock to these servers, flooding them with traffic. This forces the servers to implement security to restrict access for their own survival.

Consequently, the strategy of posting the URL of a list of servers, rather than the list itself, evolved. The additional level of effort required to access the open server reduced the traffic to the open servers, resulting in a higher probability that they might remain open longer. Many of the lists are updated weekly or monthly, so bookmarking the list allows retrieval of a fresh list. I do not seek out open servers, nor do I maintain such lists. I put all of my time into developing AllNews. AllNews, WILL check such a list of servers and report the usefulness of each.

Still, many of these servers restrict access once they have been discovered. My recommendation is to wait a week after getting a list of servers before attempting to use them. Thus, the servers on the list will have already implemented their security, or decided not to.

If the following links do not satisfy your thirst for servers, go to your favorite search engines and search for something like "open or public access usenet news servers". Be creative. The following links have all been posted to various newsgroups, or can be found by doing web searches. This list will be updated at my convenience. If your list is listed here and you wish me to remove it, you may e-mail me.

Links verified and updated Mar 16 2002


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