AllNews Mailing List

Please reporting bugs and request changes here.

The AllNews Mailing List is a new feature designed to help AllNews users get timely information as to when new releases are available, and to keep them informed as to what activity is taking place in AllNews.

Your information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than these notifications without your prior and explicit permission.

As a member of this mailing list, you will receive the following mailings:

  • A greeting when you join the list
  • An acknowledgement of each change request
  • A notification when a new version of AllNews is released
  • A newsletter the first weekend of each quarter: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
  • In its initial form, this mailing list will be maintained and operated manually; I will not be using a 'bot. Generally the mailings should occur within a week or so of the times indicated. The greeting and quarterly newsletter serve as your indication that the list is performing its task. It will also report the current version, work in progress, and estimated delivery date of the next version.

    Multiple requests for the same service should not be any problem. You might possibly get multiple acknowledgements, but only one request should be acted upon. You might also get multiple notifications as I experiment with email list handling software.

    You may also vote on whether there should be a list server 'bot for AllNews users. When anyone mails to the list, all list members would recieve a copy of the email. In this fashion, users could help each other out by an exchange of information. If there is enough interest, I will see what can be done to set one up.

    Since we're voting, and we're doing usenet news, how about our own newsgroup: alt.usenet.offline-reader.allnews? Remember, any nut can Create a New Usenet Newsgroup. Again, if there is enough interest, I will do something about it.

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